Requirements for Road Cutting Permit

The Kenya Urban  Roads Authority (KURA) is  a a state corporation in the ministry of transport and infrastructute Housing and urban Development (MOTIHUD); established under kenya Roads Act, 2007 with  the core mandate of management, development, rehailitation and maintenance of national urban road network. As a Leading Government Agency with the aove mandate, KURA wishes to notify public of the requirements needed for one to get a road cutting permit.

For any approval for road cutting permit, one should avail the following documents to the Authority;

  • Survey plan
  • Part development plan 
  • County Approvals
  • National Enviromental Management Authority (NEMA) Approval
  • Approved architectural plans
  • Detailed engineering drawing of the proposed work
  • Traffic management report
  • Other relevant Approvals for example (but not limited to water resource Authority- WRA, Energy Regulatory Commission - ERC)

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